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In our assortment you can find fantastic sportswear, thanks to which you will be ready to face even the most extreme challenges. We also provide t-shirts with prints which are perfect for practicing a variety of disciplines – from running to team games, thanks to the cut of which provides complete freedom of movement.

How are sports t-shirts with your own print created?

1) Choose the product available on offer. We offer t-shirts: Coolmax, Asteria, Dry Clim, Cotton Touch.
2) Make the order by selecting the number of pieces and sizes.
3) Show us the design of your print. We provide the opportunity of developing an individual graphic design.

How to make an individual design of a T-shirt?

The most important is the idea. Think how are the sport t-shirts with your print look like. Introducing your own design enables you to stand out so you should think about:

  • design – you can give us ready-made one or make use of the support of the design office Forza Sport.
  • colors – colors on your T-shirt can correspond to corporate colors or be associated with a specific event (e.g. in shades of green in the case of ecological event, etc.).
  • logo – logo or logotype on a sport shirt is associated with the visual identification of the company and contributes to building associations with the brand.


What do we provide?

Due to the fact that we specialize in manufacturing activity, you can buy sport T-shirts with your own imprint. In the process of their preparation we select only the high-quality materials and use innovative technology of sublimation, which provides durability of the graphics. Importantly, we work exclusively on proven knitted fabrics which moves perspiration outside and ensures fast drying of the material.

We also offer:

  • Help of the specialists working for the design office Forza Sport as regards the preparation of sport t-shirts patterns with one’s own design,
  • The repeatability of the pattern, for example. Identical to the pattern on shorts or jerseys,
  • Full color palette and the possibility of gradation,
  • Possibility of introducing changes at any stage of the preparation of T-shirts,
  • Option to enter your own logo,
  • The use of Polish letters,
  • The possibility of reprinting the following pieces even after several years.


Why is it worth investing?

T-shirts printed with your own print constitute an interesting offer for groups. The offer as regards their execution is directed mainly to businesses, schools, foundations, institutions, etc. It is possible to create uniforms for all representatives of one team, participating in the sports event.

Thanks to creating a t-shirt with your own design you can:

  • stand out from other competitors and emphasize the membership as regards the individual members of one team,
  • place the logo of your company in a prominent place or introduce sponsor’s logo,
  • develop000 the visual identification of the company and build the positive image of the company,
  • promote the brand and increase its recognition.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our offer. We offer support as regards the preparation of the original outfits for every sporting event.