W najbliższym czasie będziemy wdrażać nowy sklep internetowy. Prosimy o wyrozumiałość w razie niedostępności usług.

Realization of an individual project enables creating unique designs, making each athlete’s unique.

We offer you the opportunity to realize any type of graphic design. Options include: full range of colors, halftone transitions, any texture, multiple fonts with Polish characters … imagination is the only limit…

In addition, at each stage of creating the pattern you will receive the project for review and acceptance. From the moment of handing the project over to be implement on there is not possibility to introduce changes.

Each pattern/design is stored in the project database which enables reprinting the following pieces even after several years.

Orders can include one piece.

We give you the possibility to make the outfit on the basis of:

  • your own project,
  • the pattern prepared by the project office Forza Sport,
  • transferring the pattern of any product from our offer (e,g. manufacturing cycling shirts based on DH trousers),
  • color changes as regards the projects from our offer (e.g. conversion of green to black, orange to white, etc.),
  • applying any changes to our projects (e.g. changing honeycomb texture to dots, removing / adding elements, inserting logos / subtitles, etc.).